Build Your SaaS & Learn Web Development with assistance 1:1

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Learn web development the right way—by doing. With the right assistance, you can progress at lightning speed.

Develop your skills and bring your saas to life. No skills needed. This is a hacker style course to build your saas and learn web development while doing having the assistance of a senior software engineer and 20 years web developer.

The best way to learn is by doing. After many years in web development and bootstrapping, I’ve developed a codebase perfect for educational purposes while building your SaaS or application. Web development is a vast field, and the best way to learn it is by setting goals like creating a personal project or a SaaS.

About Me:
I'm Beto Ayesa, a passionate web developer and software engineer. I’m the founder and manager of Web Studio & Digital Agency Php Ninja ( I’ve also developed many side projects, check them here: (that's why I ended building a codebase like stripepad that we will use in this course to accelerate your SaaS)

My LinkedIn: [](

Recently, I've hired a security professional to learn cybersecurity and for me it's the best way to learn and get experience fast. I want to do the same with web development.

Enroll and you'll have 1:1 assistance.

Course Overview:

In this course, we will bring your idea to life using, built in PHP, as our foundation. You’ll have my full support via email with a response time of under 12 hours. There’s no limit to the support I will provide to ensure you get up and running with Stripepad while integrating or building your project.

  1. Get a hosting, server, etc... (General Web Environment)
  2. Install (Files & Databases)
  3. Setup accounts (payments, emails, openai, etc...)
  4. Develop Landing Page (html, css), maybe some more public side extras
  5. Develop & Integrate your part - (html,css,js,php,mysql) - The hard part
  6. SEO Audit, Search Console, Analytics, etc... (Learn SEO basics)

The pace is set by the student, these are just ideas or an outline of a plan. Goal is to follow interests and obstacles of each project/student.

Stripepad will give you all the boilerplate: users, payments, emails, private area, etc.. but you will need to provide the original part, the part that the future users will pay for. Stripepad comes out of the box with API, Widget, Cronjob, Stripe, Emails support.

Who This Course Is For:
- You want to learn web development by building a real project.
- You have an idea for a SaaS or application and want guidance to bring it to life.
- You are interested in using PHP and
- You appreciate hands-on learning with direct support from an experienced developer.

Who This Course Is Not For:
- You prefer theoretical learning without practical application.
- You are not interested in building a SaaS or application.
- You are looking for support in programming languages other than PHP.

Expected Results: What You Will Learn
- Building a SaaS from scratch using
- Integrating various features and functionalities into your project.
- Best practices in web development and bootstrapping.
- PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Tailwind, and some hosting essentials.
- GIT, depending on the user's interest and needs.

Course Details:
- Limited to 8 seats to ensure personalized support and guidance.
- Full support via email with replies within 12 hours.
- Access to a valuable codebase for building your SaaS or application.
- Discounted summer offer!

How to Enroll:
Click on SUBSCRIBE to secure your spot. You can cancel anytime.

I can communicate in English, Spanish and Catalan.

Contact Information:
For any inquiries, reach out to me at

SaaS examples:

Enroll now and let's start building your SaaS today! This is the best board game out there.

Feel free to ask me any questions by email or Twitter.



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Build Your SaaS & Learn Web Development with assistance 1:1

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